Haikus, not Facebook

In truth, this has been a very slow, unproductive day.

Except, I read some more of Albert Camus – and I fear this book is the reason why. The first person narrative of a seemingly nihilistic Meursault in France really does not do much for my case. To paraphrase Seth Godin (from a conversation with Brian Koppelman that I heard later in the evening, while walking circles on the roof) : the consumption (reading, viewing) of fiction tends to introduce noise in yourself, noise that could potentially drown out the few voices you wish/need to hear at the time, within yourself. Good fiction has the potential to derail you – and this is what The Stranger is doing to me presently.

I am beginning to see myself be more lethargic, more lax in my discipline, mirroring the thoughts and actions of what I imagine is a man with a drawl for a voice.

N has begun painting in earnest, and I need to push myself to (learn to) paint alongside, for clearly, this is an undertaking I am incapable of by myself. I am surrounded by creatives with fantastic output – either by virtue of talent or practice or both, and I have only myself to blame for not taking advantage of that while I can. It is with my new job that I can head back to older pursuits with renewed vigor – and learn as much as I can. An early morning conversation with S (presently in Boston) about an elaborate dream from last night somehow managed to inspire me into finally working out this morning after a week of recuperation from a very bad neck sprain. Following which I moved on to commence relearning countries and geography over on Memrise.

This is also day 1 after I deactivated my Facebook and Messenger accounts yesterday, and I hope to see some substantial progress made during this period, before I inevitably log in again someday. The need to do this came after I decided to take my ‘Haikus, not Facebook’  movement (of 1) a bit more seriously. What this progress entails, I will make known once I have more clarity as well, in the days to come.

I also find I am most vocal about environmental concerns above all else, and I tend to zero in on these perspectives no matter where I start from. Porn for me, is maps. And so it is that much of my reading online tends to include atleast one of the two, nearly on a daily basis. A sign for impending change? I am in dire need of diversification.

Statebox, an idealistic conceptualization of a universal language for distributed systems.

Are we left to duct-taping our anthropoid existence over and over again across the planet, while we continue to build and aggregate, more and more? Another piece of this puzzle, another use case for satellite imagery data analytics: understanding the monetary value of urban farming.

An academician’s rant against a professor’s post-modern “article” on the apparent reinforcement of gender/race/class hierarchies in a rigorous research environment: on the limits of conversation.

The incredible workhorse that is Google, and musings on the inner workings of its Maps offering.

Climate change directly affecting a migrant crisis in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.

Does Israel’s miraculous water policy have a lesson for the rest of the world to learn from?


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